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Strategic marketing

The markets and environment are constantly in flux. New market rules, new players in emerging roles, changing customers, and new technologies all add up to increasing pressures to maintain a clear focus on your overall marketing strategy.

Fourth Wave has a strong track record of working with clients to enhance their strategic marketing efforts and to make critical business decisions on the basis of market information.

Our clients develop:

  • Renewed positioning and branding that's appropriate for the market and broader environment
  • An appreciation for the feasibility and desirability of given business options based on sound supply and demand-side research, and analysis
  • Strategies that increase readiness and set clear direction on how to pursue new market opportunities
  • Concrete, doable plans that guide product and service development, pricing, communications, resourcing, timing and other marketing decisions
  • Innovative ways to build the commitment to new marketing plans and new ways to support the marketing function.

Fourth Wave Strategy builds strategic competencies in people, and their organizations.
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