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Executive and Leadership Coaching

How does it work?

Our coaching process is grounded in a trusting, confidential relationship entirely dedicated to your needs.

Our initial session is helps you to articulate the set of outcomes you want from the coaching program to provide a clear focus and sense of direction. This is also the opportunity for us to learn about the context in which you are operating.

From there, we create a customized proposal outlining the coaching program that will meet your needs, for your validation and fine-tuning. Depending on your needs, we draw from a wide range of assessment models, tools and supporting resources - including readings, 360o feedback, reflection exercises and directed learning - to help you progress between coaching sessions.

Through a series of coaching conversations we will explore what you have discovered about your actions, issues or challenges. You will gain a greater awareness of how to lead and act, and new insights into how to make desired changes now and in the future.

Tell me more about the outcomes from integral development coaching

“You and I actually are the system. Our organizations and systems are a reflection of ourselves, our consciousness. Thus our transformation is essential.”

Peter Senge
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