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Competency development

Whether you need to develop new competencies to support a change in your mission or strategy; or you are in the education or learning business and need help with your core products or services; you need the individual, team, departmental, and organizational capabilities to deliver superior performance and achieve your business goals.

Fourth Wave uses a competency-based approach (the knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to superior performance) as the foundation for the development of learning strategies, learning needs assessments, educational or professional development program design, performance management and other areas of strategic human resource development.

Our clients develop:

  • A strong foundation upon which a true organizational learning culture can evolve
  • Deeper understanding of the competencies and behaviors their organization and its people need to demonstrate to deliver superior performance
  • The know-how to integrate the competency development process into everyday work life, as a foundation for continuous learning

Fourth Wave Strategy builds strategic competencies in people, and their organizations.
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