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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Outcomes from integral development coaching aim toward three broad ends:

1. Long-term excellence has two dimensions: competence and fulfillment:

Competence is distinct from a goal. A goal is something you achieve, like getting a promotion or losing ten pounds. Competence is a capacity that endures. It helps us achieve particular goals and stays with us afterwards.

Fulfillment is a deeply felt experience that what we are doing, how we are living, and who we are becoming are meaningful and worthwhile. From an individual perspective, the value of fulfillment is self-evident. For organizations, it makes a difference when people are fulfilled because they stay longer and generate better results.

2. When we are self-correcting, we have the capacity to observe discrepancies between what we intend and the actual outcomes, between our espoused values and our actual actions, and then bridge the gap. When clients are self-correcting, they are not dependent upon a coach.

3. When self-generating, we have the ability to continuously renew ourselves by drawing upon resources from without and within. When clients are self-generating, the development of competence becomes not a final end state but a continuous process.

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What is "Integral"?

It simply means more balanced, comprehensive, interconnected, and whole.

By using an integral approach—whether it's in business, personal development, art, education, or spirituality (or any of dozens of other fields)—we can include more aspects of reality, and more of our humanity, in order to become more fully awake and effective in anything we do.

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