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Occasionally, you might find yourself wondering: What next? Who am I and who am I becoming? How can I better focus on the things that matter most? How can my results better match my commitments? Can I continue to excel and be more satisfied?

We help you address these questions and build critically important competencies with rigorous and compassionate support. We are integral - we address the whole person - your mind, body, relationships and resources in the context of the organization and system in which you work and live.

Why Integral? An integral approach helps find the patterns that connect all the elements of one's life, and then suggests how to make each element, and each connection, stronger, healthier, and more conscious.

By working with your coach, you build your competencies to fulfill your commitments, deliver on your intent and create value for your customers, stakeholders, staff and the community.

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Every action in the outer world has a place inside our imagination from which it begins. Our ability to live and thrive in a complex, changing world as leaders, teachers, and members of a community depends on how well we build the bridge between what is occurring on the inside and the actions we must take on the outside. ~ David Whyte

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in these moments, to have someone by our side to ask skillful questions, listen deeply, be fully present with who we are and what we say, point out our blind spots, and custom-design practices to help us move forward?

James Flaherty
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