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Fourth Wave is a strategic management consulting firm that works with clients to identify a vision of the future, evaluate options, build strategies for implementation, and acquire new skills and knowledge for superior performance. Strategy and change are the common denominators across all our projects.

Are you looking for a consulting firm to work with you to:

  • create a more nimble and flexible organization?
  • implement a major change while minimizing the impact on people and customers?
  • create a shared vision and strategy to reposition the business?
  • make the most of a new market opportunity and create business strategies?
  • reach out to and engage key stakeholders to develop commitment to a new direction or new way of doing things?
  • help create a plan that engages a diverse group of stakeholders?
  • build critical new organizational capabilities?
  • design and facilitate retreats for Board members or senior teams?
  • create new planning frameworks which your industry can use to grow and develop?
  • untangle complex and unfamiliar changes in environment?

"Fourth Wave has worked on projects for me ranging from complex stakeholder consultations, to strategic planning, to team building. Becky and her team have always provided sound advice and effective results. In my experience, their work provides a sound foundation for long term success."

Fred Morley
Vice President and Chief Economist
Greater Halifax Partnership
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