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Multi-Stakeholder and Public Consultation

Fourth Wave consultants have worked on a wide variety of projects for a highly diverse client base over the past decade. We have experience with practically every major sector of the economy - public sector; not for profits; and private sector firms and associations in energy, health, information technologies, cultural industries, manufacturing, financial services, design, tourism, education, agriculture, fisheries, and others.

Many of our projects are multi-stakeholder in nature - where we engage a broad cross-section of different stakeholders to help produce the project results.

Here are some examples of the larger-scale multi-stakeholder and public consultation projects we have successfully completed:

  • Nova Scotia Economic Diversification Strategy
  • Two Metro Economic Summits
  • Nova Scotia Life Sciences Council Round Table
  • Province of Nova Scotia and Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) Round Table on Research, Investment and Partnerships
  • Nova Scotia Water Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Nursing Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Health Human Resources Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Heritage Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Culture Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Design Strategy
  • Information economy initiative (IEI) strategy
  • NRC Life Sciences Roundtable
  • Federal Science Forum
  • Atlantic Poultry Industry Growth and Competitiveness Strategy
  • International Business Development Strategy for Agri-food and Agriculture

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